Cash for Unwanted Car
Instant Cash for Unwanted Car in Australia
Not every car removal company dealing with old, scrap cars in Australia will pay you the price you deserve for your abandoned car. Only some will. Thus, you need to opt for the very best name in Australia that is into paying cash for unwanted cars. What better name can you select than Aussie Car Removal? Being home to the most qualified experts offering the best, instant cash for unwanted cars in Australia we are the most trustworthy name to turn to.
We pay you the best cash right on the spot
When it comes to offering cash for unwanted cars in Australia, we will take into account the age, make, model and condition of your car and pay you the price that you rightfully deserve for it.
It all starts with a cold call from your end. Once you let us know all the information about your vehicle we offer you a quote accordingly. Once you are satisfied with it, fix a visit by our technicians. They will conduct a first hand inspection of the car and its condition, hand over the price of the car instantly, and tow away the vehicle immediately.
So our cash for unwanted car service in Australia is fast, simple and transparent, with no hidden deductions and payment of the promised cost, provided the info provided by you on the call matches the actual condition of your car.
Why are we the most favoured name in the industry?
  • We have at our disposal the best technicians who can rightly gauge the condition of your car.
  • We deal with any make and model of your car and would pay you for scrap cars, unwanted cars and damaged cars.
  • We use our own tow away truck driven by the best local drivers following on the spot payment.
  • Our junkyard is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and equipment. This helps us to carry out flawless and eco-friendly dismantling of your car so that it never contributes to carbon footprint.
  • We refurbish the reusable spare parts of your car and sell them and that is another reason why we pay you the best cash that your car deserves.
  • With absolute transparency maintained, our service does not involve any hidden cost.
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